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Our team has multiple decades of combined experience in System Administration, DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering.

No Lock-in

You own your infra. The core of the technology is Open Source. Team onboarding is rather speedy. Cancel at any time.


Our best practices drastically reduce operational overhead. We have a number of good shortcuts. Your call in the end.

Infrastructure at Your Fingertips

Highly opinionated, battle-tested, business-driven solutions.

Infrastructure as Code

Our solutions come 100% codified via tools like Docker, Terraform and Ansible. Every infra change is tracked. You define the level of commitment to IaC.


We provide processes and training to utilize existing maket-leading solutions to the benefit of your business. Cloudwatch, Datadog, Pagerduty and others.

CI / CD & Release Engineering

You will be able to deploy as many times per day as you want. All with zero-downtime and rollback capabilities. Fully automated.

Feature Environments

Be able to spin up a full environment for a critical feature testing in a matter of minutes. Keep it or delete when testing is done.

Bootstrap Your Infrastructure. Scale it. Own it Forever.

We use battle-tested solutions to get your infrastructure to a place where it should be. Start small, grow, sustain the growth.

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Our Services

AWS Migration

We help your business build scalable solutions in AWS Cloud. We provide opinionated solutions that have been proven to scale both technology and the team.


We help you to design, build and deploy your serverless architecture. Our extensive real world expertise helps to get everything up fast and avoid dangerous pitfalls


We make sure your business is ready to scale to millions of customers. Wholistic assesment of infrastructure and team processes ensures there are no obstacles.


We bring in simple, yet effective processeses to reduce alert fatigue and empower your Engineers to be aware and responsible for the services.


DevOps is a methodology. We assess processes of your business, propose a transformation plan and work with Engineers to implement DevOps in your team.


We work with your team to provide comprehensive training, so they would be more than capable of utilizing, maintaining and expanding a system we’ve built.

Our Competence

Business First, Technology Follows

We differenciate ourselves from many other agencies. Unlike others, we start with a business need. We bring in battle-tested solutions to match your business goals. We take our expertise and blend it into your business for the best results.

  • 01- Site Reliability Engineering

  • 02- Continious Integration

  • 03- Runner Experience Design

  • 04- Infrastructure as Code

  • 05- Observability


Zero-Downtime Deploys


Environments Deployed


Questions Answered


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Cisco Arias

Cisco Arias

Founder & GTO @ SaMo Technologies, LLC
Sep 07, 2020

I have been working with the founder of HazelOps for almost a decade. Can’t recommend them enough.

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Our HQ is located in a beautiful city of Tallinn, the heart of Startup Scene in Europe.


Sepapaja 6, Tallinn 15551, Estonia

North America

340 S Lemon Ave 9292, Walnut, 91789, California